Seahag Munitions is led by degreed artist and jack of all trades, John Geren.  What started out as a passion for customizing firearms eventually merged with his passion for art. John spearheads all the creative endeavors of Seahag.  He personally sculpts every product and has a hand in the entire process which eventually leads to the novelties seen on this page.  When not working on his Seahag endeavor, John enjoys dirtbike riding, lassoing turtles, solving world problems and eating pomegranates.



Lost Wax Casting is a process that is over 5700 years old and is still utilized today. We hand-sculpt our products out of clay, make the molds and pour our own wax. The final process is to pour the Stainless Steel, clean the parts and then finish them with a permanent and corrosion resistant coating. During each step each part is handled many times to insure the detail and quality that we are proud to stand behind. In the end, each piece is unique. We are proud to create something that will become an extension of your personality.